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Legal Expense Insurance and the Risky Business of “Winning”

Good lawyers can make all the difference; lawyers with grit and determination, those who care enough about an outcome to risk their time and money to see justice done.  While people may be quick to make lawyer jokes, the risk taken by the lawyers in the recent case of  Yelland v. Sunrise was no joke.[1] […]

Omega ATE Policyholders have clear advantage in the wake of Cozzi v Szot

Canadian personal injury lawyers have a choice when it comes to legal expense insurance.  But, those with the foresight to protect their whole portfolio with an Omega policy are sitting pretty following the recent decision in Peter B. Cozzi Professional Corporation v. Szot[1] (“Cozzi”), secure in the knowledge that what happened in Cozzi won’t happen […]

Legal Liabilities Claims 101

“You cannot be held liable for anything that you have no power over. Guilt, shame and blame make no sense when circumstances are beyond your control.” – Kate McGahan, Jack McAfghan: Return from Rainbow Bridge Tort law forms the foundation of most liability insurance claims and most, if not all, insurance claims allege the tort […]



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