Legal Insure’s products are designed to protect all eligible files, in either a firm as a whole or by individual lawyer’s portfolio. We also protect individual case files selectively. Because of this approach, our products offer stable and sustainable pricing for long-term certainty in the market.

Firm Protect

Firm Protect™ is the easiest and most cost effective way for law firms to ensure all of their clients are protected. One Firm Protect™ policy between the Law Firm and Legal Insure covers all file portfolios in a firm.

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Lawyer Protect

Lawyer Protect™ is the best way for individual lawyers to benefit from this product and ensure all of their case files are insured, even if their law firm doesn’t require this insurance or simply doesn’t qualify for one. One Lawyer Protect™ policy between the Lawyer and Legal Insure covers all files in the individual lawyer’s portfolio.

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File Protect

File Protect™ protects individual case files within a law firm/lawyer’s portfolio. Each File Protect™ policy between the Lawyer and Legal Insure will cover an individual plaintiff’s case file, basis terms and conditions.

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