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We are Legal Insure, Canada’s leading provider of Legal Cost Protection. Our product, Legal Insure Cost Protection™, is critical for enabling all Canadians to access their constitutional rights and an important means to help law firms provide justice for all.

For almost a decade, since 2009, Legal Insure Services Canada Inc.* has been an innovator and leader in the Canadian Legal Insurance market. We* were one of the first groups to introduce legal costs protection (After The Event) in Canada. Our legal cost protection arrangements were the first to be approved in several courts across the country and be recognized as beneficial for both law firm clients and their claimants.

Legal Insure Cost Protection™ protects plaintiffs and law firms both, from the negative effects of adverse costs awards and disbursements incurred during personal injury litigation.

Our product helps protect the financial interests of our law firm clients and the underlying plaintiffs they represent. It materially strengthens their position in their fight for justice, thus, levelling the litigation playing field between them and large insurance firms. We don’t just provide financial security for plaintiffs and their lawyers, but also serve as a reminder to defence counsel that our clients are armed with insurance and are prepared to go the extra mile in order to seek justice. Legal Insure Cost Protection™ ensures a good result for the claimant and their counsel by pushing for the maximum award, while offering a safety net of insurance in the event things do not go according to plan.

In personal injury litigation, Legal Insure’s proprietary cost protection solutions have become the standard of best practice for many leading law firms across the country and have facilitated access to justice for tens of thousands of accident victims to date. As of today, Legal Insure is proud to be serving over a 100 law firms in Canada. We have covered well over 30,000 plaintiffs till date, and paid the resulting claims.

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Corporate Values

Legal Insure prides itself on it’s purpose. Our product enables us in our mission to defend and protect everyone’s right to justice. We whole-heartedly believe in our purpose and product. Guided by our vision and strong corporate values, we are here to make a difference. We are a dynamic firm with robust business fundamentals, striving to create long-term value for our stakeholders. We are sincerely committed to the cause for justice and are always by our client’s side.


We understand, respect, support and protect the rights of all those who are injured and empower those who strive to defend them.


We strive to defend and protect our customers. Our policy empowers plaintiffs and their counsel to achieve greater awards and shields them from disappointing and costly outcomes in court. We are committed to providing the best in class product, at affordable prices, ensuring our customers have their voices heard and can claim their rights

Core Values

  • Act with the integrity you desire from others.
  • Deliver on every promise, every time.
  • Exceed expectations again and again.
  • Empower each other to succeed.
  • Ideate, Innovate and Improve constantly.

Our Partners

Legal Insure Services Canada Inc. (LISC) is a licensed Managing General Agent (MGA) for Legal Insure Cost Protection™, with delegated underwriting authority. Unlike the average insurance entity, Legal Insure specializes purely in After The Event legal expense insurance. That is our business, our expertise and all that we do. Our investors and management include seasoned insurance veterans who specialize in such niche programs.

Legal Insure Services Canada Inc. (LISC) has partnered with leading insurers, global reinsurers and insurance brokers, who collectively provide Legal Insure Cost Protection™ for the benefit of plaintiffs and counsel across Canada. Since its inception, the Legal Insure group has generated solid growth for it’s partners, while demonstrating to our clients, and the plaintiffs they represent, the economic reward and security this insurance product offers.

Omega General Insurance Company is the underwriter of the Legal Insure Cost Protection™ insurance policies. Omega underwrites the program and delegates authority to LISC to bind business on their behalf. Omega General Insurance Company (“Omega”) is a property and casualty insurance company that is regulated by the Canadian Government’s Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (“OSFI”). As a participant in the Canadian insurance industry, Omega is subject to significant regulations of the Canadian federal and provincial governments, including capital and solvency standards, restrictions on certain types of investments and periodic market conduct and financial examinations by regulators. Omega General Insurance has reinsurance support from two global reinsurers with assets in excess of $5 billion USD each and A+ S&P & A.M. Best ratings.

Legal Insure Cost Protection™ is provided to clients through our appointed RIBO broker, Trebuchet, a full-service insurance bro-

Our Team

At Legal Insure, we are a team of enthusiastic, competent and dedicated professionals who work hard and work smart. Our cause for Justice drives us everyday to give our absolute best.

We offer the best-in-class product in the industry, while matching it with commendable service and utmost commitment towards our clients. We are known for delivering on our promises and being a trusted partner. Our moto is “Customer First”. Personalized attention to each of our clients is the hallmark of the Legal Insure experience.

Our team is supported by a host of resources and experienced professionals in domains such as Legal, Actuarial, Product Administration, Finance & Accounting, Operation, Information Technology, Marketing and Sales.

To reach out to members of our team, email us at or call at 1 (833) 283-7399 (toll-free).

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