Plaintiff victory over aviva

Aviva ordered to pay significant costs to elderly plaintiff protected by LISC legal expense insurance policy.1

In February, 2009, Maria Persampieri was a passenger in a car when it was rear ended. She was 76 years old at the time of the accident. Her quest for damages would span almost a decade against the defendant insurer Aviva Canada (“Aviva”), whom relying on their notorious defensible program had determined that no offer to settle would be made.

Throughout the course of her litigation, Ms. Persampieri received a consistent and recurring message from Aviva: agree to a dismissal of the action without costs or proceed to trial (notwithstanding that liability was admitted at a 2015 mediation). Aviva rejected all of Ms. Persampieri’s offers to settle, including a $20,000 Rule 49 Offer in March 2017 and her last, a Rule 49 offer to settle for just $10,000, net of the applicable statutory deductible plus partial indemnity costs and pre-judgment interest.

Seven years post accident and now 84 years old, Ms. Persampieri, backed by a legal expense insurance policy from LISC, proceeded to trial for two weeks in June 2017.

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