We are Legal Insure, Canada’s leading provider of Legal Cost Protection. Our product, Legal Insure Cost Protection, is critical for enabling all Canadians to access their constitutional rights and an important means to help law firms provide justice for all.

For almost a decade, since 2009, Legal Insure Services Canada Inc.* has been an innovator and leader in the Canadian Legal Insurance market. We* were one of the first groups to introduce legal costs protection (After The Event) in Canada. Our legal cost protection arrangements were the first to be approved in several courts across the country and be recognized as beneficial for both law firm clients and their claimants.

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Our Products

Legal Insure Cost Protection

Legal Insure Cost Protection™ is a regulated legal expense insurance product available for personal injury litigation. It covers both adverse costs and own disbursement losses in unsuccessful claims, by trial loss, or optionally, for dismissed, abandoned or discontinued claims. We created legal expense insurance for Canadian Lawyers and plaintiffs. Our product is designed to work in conjunction with the unique litigation procedures and cost exposure by provinces in Canada. Law firms/Lawyers purchase the Legal Insure Cost Protection™ p...

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Firm Protect

Firm Protect™ is the easiest and most cost effective way for law firms to ensure all of their clients are protected. One Firm Protect™ policy between the Law Firm and Legal Insure covers all file portfolios in a firm....

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Lawyer Protect

Lawyer Protect™ is the best way for individual lawyers to benefit from this product and ensure all of their case files are insured, even if their law firm doesn’t require this insurance or simply doesn’t qualify for one. One Lawyer Protect™ p...

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File Protect

File Protect™ protects individual case files within a law firm/lawyer’s portfolio. Each File Protect™ policy between the Lawyer and Legal Insure will cover an individual plaintiff’s case file, basis terms and conditions....

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